Wedding Musicians for Hire NYC

Wedding Entertainment for Hire in NYC is synonymous with Arnie Abrams Entertainment. Couples in New Jersey or New York City count on our live wedding music to help accentuate the highlights of their special day.

The wedding entertainment for hire in NYC at Arnie Abrams Entertainment includes pianists, keyboardists, sax players, violinists, guitarists, and vocalists. You can expect the most talented and professional wedding entertainment for hire in the 5 boroughs when you call Arnie. Our soloists customize your indoor or outdoor ceremony or cocktail hour and exceed your expectations.

We do a wide variety of music for most any wedding. In addition to all your favorite traditional classical selections for weddings, our musicians also know updated selections like those from Christina Perri, Bruno Mars and John Legend, and our pianists know all of the classic standards for your guests as they are being seated prior to the start of the ceremony.

And live music is not just for your ceremony or cocktail hour. Arnie can provide real live musicians for your wedding reception entertainment as well. Jazz and pop duos, trios and quartets are great for that intimate wedding you’ve been dreaming about. New York City wedding reception entertainment is certainly affordable and live music is just a phone call or email away.

When selecting your wedding musicians for hire in NYC, give Arnie a call at 1877-255-5883, or send him an email at You can chat about your musical vision with Arnie and experience what live music is all about.